Commitment & Values

Commitment & Values

K-Factor Integrated Solutions

In addition to industrial services and products offered, k-faCTor is also a licensed petroleum Wholesaler

K-Factor offers its services on the introduction of safer, cost effective alternative fuel to all heavy industries and mining sector that consume and use fuel, gas and lubricants as its energy

We ensure that we facilitate and ensure sound sustainable economic investment by delivering an alternative energy which complies with kyoto protocol on global greenhouse gas emission of which South africa is a member.

K-Factor has fully embraced its objectives which form the cornerstone and driving force behind our business; with particular reference to the following:

  • Promoting an efficient manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing.
  • Facilitating an environment conducive to efficient and commercially justifiable investment.
  • The creation of employment opportunities and the development of small businesses.
  • Ensuring countrywide availability of our products at affordable prices.
  • Promoting access to affordable products by low-income consumers for household use.